65 Rad Humans

I want to thank everyone that read my blog post last week. It felt amazing to throw my voice out there and actually be heard. I love that it got people thinking, asking questions and sharing their perspectives on the media’s role in systemic sexism. I received an overwhelming amount of support, positive feedback, respectful criticism and even a few writing opportunities. I thought it was especially rad of Sender Films to share my post along with a genuine message about how they’re listening and already in the process of building stories around strong female characters for REEL Rock 11 and beyond.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 2.35.20 PM

I don’t have all the answers. I simply wanted to draw attention to the fact that it’s important to recognize that the individuals behind the cameras and in the mastheads, as well as the companies financially supporting their content, play a big role in defining our culture. Women have a lot to offer the art of storytelling and what makes certain characters intriguing, unique or relatable, so I think collaboration is key when it comes to portraying our values and a greater variety of role models our community can look to for inspiration. Overall, climbing has been a very positive experience for me where I am treated like an equal among my climbing partners, so it’s frustrating at times when the media falls short on reflecting that reality. That was my whole point.

A major flaw in my original post was that I failed to recognize the women that DO have respect and influence in the outdoor industry. The following is a list of strong, talented warrior goddesses doing rad things in the media and on the mountains. I know this barely scratches the surface and it’s mostly climbing-centric because that’s my background, so please feel free to comment with anyone I forgot to mention. All of the names are linked to their Instagram accounts so you can see what they’re up to and follow their journeys.


Abbey Smith, Writer

Alexandria Bombach, Filmmaker

Ali Geiser, Filmmaker

Alison Osius, Senior Editor at Rock and Ice

Aly Nicklas, Filmmaker

Amy Marquis, Filmmaker

Becca Caldwell, Photographer

Becca Skinner, Photographer

Caroline Treadway, Photographer

Chris Kassar, Writer

Claudia Camila Lopez, Photographer

Colette McInerney, Filmmaker

Dana Romanoff, Filmmaker

Erin Sullivan, Writer

Georgie Abel, Writer

Heather Bolugh Rochort, Writer

Heather Falenski, Filmmaker

Hilary Oliver, Writer

Jayme Moye, Writer

Julie Ellison, Editor-in-Chief at Climbing

Kate Bishop, Filmmaker

Katie Boue, Writer

Katie Ives, Editor-in-Chief at Alpinist

Katrin Bell, Photographer

Lizzy Scully, Writer

Mary Anne Potts, Editorial Director at Nat Geo Adventure

Meredith Meeks, Filmmaker

Rachel Zurer, Senior Editor at Backpacker

Sarah Menzies, Filmmaker

Sarah Wood, Executive Director at 5Point Film Festival

Taylor Freesolo Rees, Filmmaker


Alex Johnson

Alex Puccio

Alli Rainey

Angie Payne

Ashima Shiraishi

Beth Rodden

Bobbi Bensman

Brittany Grifith

Brooke Raboutou

Caroline Gleich

Courtney Woods

Dailia Ojeda

Dawn Glanc

Emily Harrington

Hazel Findlay

Heather Weidner

Heidi Wirtz

Hilaree O’Neill

Jacinda Hunter

Jenn Flemming

Jen Olson

Kate Rutherford

Kati Hetrick

Lisa Rands

Lynn Hill

Madaleine Sorkin

Majka Burkhardt

Meagan Martin

Melissa Arnot

Nina Caprez

Nina Williams

Olivia Hsu

Paige Claassen

Pamela Shanti Pack

Sasha Digulian

Steph Davis


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